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+233 507615215

1st Floor, Nthc Glorex Plaza, Sakumono, Tema

Cool Close Lashibi, GT-350-2309(SB) Greater Accra Ghana


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At Kasa De Lengua, we have a dedicated team poised to offering high quality translation and interpretation that meets international standards. Our competent team is ready to meet your translation and interpretation needs in the following international and local languages:

Akan(Fanti, Twi, Akwuapim),Arabic, Chinese,Creole, Dagbani, Dangbe, English,Ewe, French, Ga, German, Hausa, Italian,Portuguese, Pidgen English, Russian,Spanish and Swahili.

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A: We provide both general and technical translation/interpretation, voice-over services, transcription, subtitling, and corporate language training

A: With a translation service, the meaning of written content is converted from a source language into the language that is targeted while an interpretation service focuses more on paraphrasing the content that the speaker is trying to convey from one language to the other and deals with live conversation, which can include translating meetings, conferences, appointments, live TV, and more.

B:Akan(Akuapim,Fanti,Twi)/Dagbani/Dangbe/Ewe/Ga/Hausa/Pidgen English

A: Yes! Our trained Linguists have extensive experience in tailoring their interpretations to your needs. They are trained to provide interpretation services for many different fields. If you use specialized terminology, please discuss this with our Linguists upfront. They may request that you provide additional information to help them familiarize themselves with your industry for your job request.

A: Visit our website www.kasadelengua.com to download and send a completed request intake form to us by email or at our premises at the 1st Floor Glorex Plaza, NTHC, Sakumono, Tema – Box Address: Cool Close Lashibi, Greater Accra
GT-350-230(SB) Ghana
. You can also reach us on our office line +233 507615215 and a Linguist will walk you through the process.

A: Interpretation and translation service fees vary greatly based on the language requested, the type of interpreter/translator needed; the complexity, duration and location of the assignment. Please contact us with the details of request.

A: We accept momo, checks and bank transfers. Generally, we require either a full payment or 50% payment upfront for any job request.

A: You can send us a message through our website www.kasadelengua.com or reach us on our office line +233 507615215.